Using a Sex Therapist to Improve Your Relationship

You might think you don’t need a sex therapist, however, the truth is that yes, you do, especially if you are in a long-term relationship. As a relationship progresses, sex often becomes a battleground, a bargaining chip, or even a wall that partners throw at each other.

The problem is that most people do not talk about sex problems with other people. The men don’t mix with their beer buddies, and the women don’t share with their girl friends.

Even though the media is inundated with sex, the fact of the matter is that in real life, people do not explore sex as intimately as they should, especially in the context of being in a relationship with someone else. No, we are not just talking about exploring different kinks and fetishes with your partner. We are talking about how sex affects your relationships and how your past affects your connection to your current partner.

This is where sex therapy can play a great deal in improving your relationship. If you are having any problems at all related to sex, you should see a sex therapist right away. Do NOT wait for several and let the issue resolve on its own – that never happens unless you address the underlying issues behind the problems.

Sex problems can be classified into three: physical, relationship-based, and personal history.

Physical problems include the most obvious signs of sexual problems like erectile dysfunction, inability to reach orgasm, among others. Relationship-based sex problems are related to behaviors and unresolved issues that are affecting the couple’s ability to engage in and enjoy sex. Sex problems with their roots in the day-to-day dealings in a relationship are often harder to treat and would need six months of therapy, unlike physical problems which can be done in one or two sessions.

Problems that are caused by a person’s personal history of sexual abuse is the hardest to treat and can take years to complete, although there are people that do not take that long.  Click here for more help.

Whatever problems you are having in the bedroom with your partner, just know that your sex therapist is there to help you explore the underlying causes of your issues. Despite what you might think, therapy is often a talk-only session with the therapist listening and taking notes.

Once you’ve identified the root cause of your sex problem, it will be easy enough to treat it.